We've been busy...
Just like you.

And we're *almost* ready to announce the
2018 Single Parent Summit Line Up.

It will be worth the wait. ;)   

Whether you are single by choice (yours or someone else's,) through divorce or loss, are co-parenting with your kids' father or mother, or take on the role of Primary Parent because your partner is deployed, incarcerated, away or simply not invested...

...this Single Parent Summit is for you!

This virtual, 5-day event will be live from Wednesday, July 18 - Sunday, July 22, 2018. Click below to join our mailing list to get early access to our private members-only Facebook group and be the first to know when tickets are available!

Is The Single Parent Summit Right For You?

What: Dozens of speakers and experts and real life Single Parent Success Stories, coming together for an amazing 5-Day event, all with the single focus of supporting Single Parents
This is about becoming the best version of yourself, which leads you to become the best parent you can be.

And that's where the magic happens for our kids. When they see us thriving, even when society tells them that as single parents we're supposed to be victims, they start to shift their expectations for their own lives. 

Who: Specifically designed for Single* and Primary Parents, but all are welcome!

*Whether you are single by choice (yours or someone else's,) thru divorce or loss, ​are co-parenting with your kids' father or mother, or take on the role of Primary Parent because your partner is deployed, incarcerated, away or simply not invested, The Single Parent Summit is for you.

Where & How: Right here, wherever you are. You'll get an email each day of the Single Parent Summit with links to access each training and interview available that day. PLUS: Access to our private, members only Facebook group where we'll continue the conversations together and with our speakers and create community - together. 

In many ways, you could consider this the Adulting 101 course we were never offered; you don't even have to be single or a parent to benefit. But know this - every speaker was selected ​because their topic is important to the life of a single parent. 

Why: Because Life didn't come with an instruction manual. And you're not in this alone, even if it might feel like it right now. 

A sneak peek into our content...


Everything from Legal & Financial to Home Maintenance to Health & Wellness; we've got you covered on the basics of life. Join us for a deep dive with some of my favorite people: single dad financial advisor, class clown attorney with a heart of gold, single mom/cancer survivor nutritionist/health coach, entrepreneur mom behind The Clean Eating Kid, mom of three behind HIP Chicks - empowering women to manage their own DIY home repairs, and the author, speaker and founder of Less Doing, More Living who healed himself from Crohn's disease and optimizes everything about day to day life - each one of these speakers are ready with practical, actionable tips for getting your feet under you as quickly and efficiently as possible.


When your children come first, and you come last, it's actually at the expense of being a happier, healthier and more fulfilled parent. We know we're supposed to put our own "oxygen masks" on, but how do you get over the guilt?! We've got some tips - and you might be surprised at how interconnected these life lessons are and how many of them come back to Self Care. And remember, what we do, how we think, how we live is setting up a pattern for our kids to do the same. (So when you take care of you, guess what your kids grow up thinking is an average, normal occurrence and they should do regularly...?)


Whether you "consciously uncoupled," or went through a trainwreck of a divorce, you can still maintain a professional relationships with your ex for the sake of your kids. (Promise - it's possible!) Learn from several speakers who have done exactly that. Co-parenting doesn't end when the kids blow out the candles on their 18th birthday! And for those of us who aren't quite there yet, learn the very practical things that are within your control to change about your co-parenting relationship. (Spoiler alert: No matter what else happens in life, you can always control how you respond.) 


Lessons from experts in communication studies, improv, emotional intelligence, boundaries, relationships, and leadership, all applying their knowledge to the life of a single parent. (Yes, improv - you might be surprised how much you can learn - about yourself, communication, and your kids - by a great improv session.) Are you ready for love, again? Join us to find out. Estranged from your kids and looking for ways to reconnect? We've got you covered. Ever curious as to what it's like to be on the "outside," coming into a single parent family? Or what your kids may be thinking or feeling as two single parents marry and combine their families? We'll give you a sneak peek - with a heavy dose of science and research to back it up to set you up for success. And again, what all of these great lessons have in common is that it comes down to us as individuals, our own self-awareness and willingness to take ownership of our lives. Not always easy, but always with possibility for improvement!  


Whether you're working through the loss of your partner, helping your kids do the same, facing mental health challenges (again, whether you or your kids, or if you're in the "sandwich generation," your parents,) trying to put the pieces together after a loved one's suicide, or simply trying to figure out what you're really here for, we've got you covered. With humor, grace, love, and acceptance, we're talking about the hard stuff and the heart stuff.