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The Single Parent Summit!

For the last two years, we've hosted a virtual event, The Single Parent Summit, as an annual happening...
A collection of 30+ speakers and experts, many of whom are Single Parents or in Blended Families themselves, coming together to share both inspiration & motivation AND practical tips & tricks.

And now? We're upping the game. 

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Are you a single parent?

If you are single by choice (yours or someone else's) through divorce or loss, are co-parenting with your kids' father or mother, or take on the role of Primary Parent because your partner is deployed, incarcerated, away or simply not invested...

...this Single Parent Summit is for you!

As a single parent you find yourself wanting to be the best version of yourself.  Somewhere between making dinner, doing homework, and squeezing in quality time with your sweet kiddos, you find the need for more.   

More time.  

More help.  

More partnership. 

We get it.

Because we are

single parents too.

This is exactly why we created the Single Parent Summit.  

Tips, tricks & dozens of experts to help you become the parent your kids need (and deserve).     

Is The Single Parent Summit Right For You?

What: Dozens of speakers and experts and real life Single Parent Success Stories, coming together for a FREE mini-summit and virtual community, all with the single focus of supporting Single Parents
This is about becoming the best version of yourself, which leads you to become the best parent you can be.

And that's where the magic happens for our kids. When they see us thriving, even when society tells them that as single parents we're supposed to be victims, they start to shift their expectations for their own lives. 

Who: Specifically designed for Single* and Primary Parents, but all are welcome!

*Whether you are single by choice (yours or someone else's,) through divorce or loss, are co-parenting with your kids' father or mother, or take on the role of Primary Parent because your partner is deployed, incarcerated, away or simply not invested, The Single Parent Summit is for you.

Where & How: Right here, wherever you are. Instant access to the FREE mini-summit is delivered via email as soon as you confirm your address.

In many ways, you could consider this the Adulting 101 course we were never offered; you don't even have to be single or a parent to benefit. But know this - every speaker was selected because their topic is important to the life of a single parent. 

Why: Because Life didn't come with an instruction manual. And you're not in this alone, even if it might feel like it right now. 

It takes a village;

not just to raise a child, 

but to create the kind

 of community we crave;

the space where we can

expand our definition 

of ourselves, and to become the

best version of ourselves.

A sneak peek into our past content...


Everything from Legal & Financial to Home & Household to Health & Wellness; we've got you covered on the basics of life. Join us for a deep dive with some of my favorite people: single dad financial advisor, class clown attorney with a heart of gold, single mom/cancer survivor nutritionist/health coach, entrepreneur mom behind The Clean Eating Kid, and the author, speaker and founder of Less Doing, More Living who healed himself from Crohn's disease and optimizes everything about day to day life - each one of these speakers are ready with practical, actionable tips for getting your feet under you as quickly and efficiently as possible.


When your children come first, and you come last, it's actually at the expense of being a happier, healthier and more fulfilled parent. We know we're supposed to put our own "oxygen masks" on, but how do you get over the guilt?! We've got some tips - and you might be surprised at how interconnected these life lessons are and how many of them come back to Self Care. And remember, what we do, how we think, how we live is setting up a pattern for our kids to do the same. (So when you take care of you, guess what your kids grow up thinking is an average, normal occurrence and they should do regularly...?)


Whether you "consciously uncoupled," or went through a trainwreck of a divorce, you can still maintain a professional relationships with your ex for the sake of your kids. (Promise - it's possible!) Learn from several speakers who have done exactly that. Co-parenting doesn't end when the kids blow out the candles on their 18th birthday! And for those of us who aren't quite there yet, learn the very practical things that are within your control to change about your co-parenting relationship. (Spoiler alert: No matter what else happens in life, you can always control how you respond.) 


Lessons from experts in communication studies, improv, emotional intelligence, boundaries, relationships, and leadership, all applying their knowledge to the life of a single parent. (Yes, improv - you might be surprised how much you can learn - about yourself, communication, and your kids - by a great improv session.) Ever curious as to what it's like to be on the "outside," coming into a single parent family? Or what your kids may be thinking or feeling as two single parents marry and combine their families? We'll give you a sneak peek - with a heavy dose of science and research to back it up to set you up for success. And again, what all of these great lessons have in common is that it comes down to us as individuals, our own self-awareness and willingness to take ownership of our lives. Not always easy, but always with possibility for improvement!  


Whether you're working through the loss of your partner, helping your kids do the same, facing mental health challenges (again, whether you or your kids, or if you're in the "sandwich generation," your parents,) trying to put the pieces together after a loved one's suicide, or simply trying to figure out what you're really here for, we've got you covered. With humor, grace, love, and acceptance, we're talking about the hard stuff  - and the heart stuff.

Past speakers from The Single Parent Summit include....

Internationally known experts in their fields - 
and over half of them are Single Parents or in Blended Families themselves!

George Bryant

Founder of Civilized Caveman/Business Strategist and Consultant/Bonus Dad

Tiffany Largie-Smith

Entrepreneur/Speaker/Business Coach/Former Single Mom/Blended Family

Joe Beckman

Joe Beckman

Motivational Speaker for Youth/Dad

Curt Thomas

Curt Thomas

Speaker and Author/Single Dad

Wes Fabb

Founder of peerd.in / Mentor / Graduate from the School of Separation

Eric Hodgdon

Author of A Sherpa Named Zoi/Speaker and Trainer/Single Dad

Jake Thompson

Founder of Compete Every Day/Speaker/Podcast Host

Tara Rolstad

Founder of Shattering Stigma with Stories/Speaker/Mom

Ari Miesel

Ari Miesel

Founder of Less Doing/Author of Less Doing, More Living/Dad

Ty McGilberry

Financial Planner/Single Dad

Justin Staten

Entrepreneur and CEO/Single Dad

August Spree

Certified Health and Wellness Coach/Single Mom

Adam Bird

Founder of Heroes Media Group/Army Veteran/Single Dad

Nathan  Holritz

Photographer/Host of Bokeh Podcast/Founder of Photographer's Edit/Single Dad

Sarah Nannen

Grief Management Specialist for Women/

Single Mom/Blended Family

Kevin Bulmer

The "No Schedule Man" Podcast Host/

Mindset Coach/Single Dad

Jeff Banman

Former CIA Operator/Author of Raising Children With Purpose/Former Single Dad/Blended Family

Brandon & Tyler

The Single Dads behind the instagram hit, The Fathership

Tara Bosler

Creative Copy Coach/Former Single Mom/Blended Family

Tamara Arnold

Author of My Kid is Driving Me Crazy: A Mom's Survival Guide for Living With A Child With Mental Illness/Former Single Mom/Blended Family

Jenny Carr

Author of The Clean Eating Kid, Health Coach/Mom

Katherine Greenfield

Attorney/Single Mom

Dr. Ashley Hampton

Licensed Psychologist, with a Career in the Prison system and Family Services

Bryn Drescher

Motivational Speaker

Dr. Kate Dow

Author of Fear-Less, Transformational Psychologist

Marc Cordon

Host of the Golden Mic Live/Positive Psychology Coach/Single Dad

Tonya Harris

Founder of Slightly Greener/Childhood Leukemia Survivor/Mom

Kirsten Keller

Founder of Keller Social Marketing/Former Single Mom/Blended Family

Chrissa Benson

Founder of Physical Kitchness, Military Spouse/Mom

Maria Fuller

Founder of Raising a Powerful Girl/Primary Parent During Travel/Mom

Per Bristow

Mike Ganino

Author of Company Culture for Dummies/Improv Coach/Child of Single Mom

Financial Planner/Single Dad

About Your Host...

Hi, I'm Tonia Adleta. 

I'm a single mom to two amazing teenagers, an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and mentor to fellow creative entrepreneurs. I know firsthand what you’re up against. The litany of tasks on the never-ending to do list, the pressure to make the most of your time with your kids, stay sane, and somehow move your life forward - all with the hope of making your kids' lives better in the process. The pressure is intense, no matter how great your support system may be.

Years ago, I finally got serious about my own growth, both personal and professional. I'd always been a "self-help junkie" - but this was different. Rather than just read the books, I was doing something with the knowledge. Micro changes, day in and day out, taking risks others weren't willing to take. And along the way, I got stronger. I became more of myself and less of others' opinions or influences. As a result, I parent differently. My kids' lives have changed - drastically - because I changed first.

I've met some amazing people in my journey. And we're all coming together to share with you what we've learned and experienced along the way. In essence, I created The Single Parent Summit to give you direct access to the last ten+ years' worth of lessons, heartache, victories, and growth.

We're all in this together, despite how lonely it can feel at times. As parents, we're like roots - the deeper and stronger we grow, the higher we can lift our kids. Join us, you're welcome here.